About StreetSchool

Streetschool aims to provide the deserving children with an access to basic education and basic life skills training. Under this project, temporary classrooms are set up in the streets of underprivileged areas by a group of enthusiastic university students and volunteers. The children are given basic knowledge of mathematics, how to read and write, personal hygiene, healthcare etc. so that they can become respectable citizens and contribute towards national development. The project has a target of curbing the menace of child labor with its expansion.

Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer recruitment drive is conducted in major universities through social media platforms and student affairs departments.


Survey is carried out for the selection of possible location for conducting Streetschool.

Volunteer Training

Volunteers are trained in a systematic way so that they the requisite objectives are achieved. The volunteers are acquainted with the basic concept of Streetschool and other projects.

StreetSchool Sessions

Streetschool comprises a series of more than 20 sessions conducted every alternate day. Sessions are conducted on various topics e.g. mathematics, healthcare, personal hygiene, basic conversation, etiquettes etc.